Our Leadership Team

Lauro Barzallo came to New York in 1999 from Ecuador (South America). He worked with his two brothers and nephew in their masonry construction company, building multi-family housing and commercial structures in the New York City boroughs, and also complex residential projects for the affluent upper crust of Long Island. This work from 1999 – 2004 gave Lauro a firm grasp of onsite Project Management, safety standards, and complex solutions for masonry construction. In January 2005, Lauro moved to Georgia, and in August of 2005, Lauro and Abigail founded LB Masonry, Inc. here in South Georgia.

Lauro runs complete onsite supervision and coordination for all of our masonry construction projects, interfacing on a daily basis with his crews. He commonly interfaces directly with project architects and Construction Management / General Contractor leadership teams during their onsite visits.

Abigail Barzallo has a lifelong history of entrepreneurship, starting her first company endeavor as a teenager with her sister in an old shop on their farm. She graduated in May of 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Valdosta State University, and after marrying Lauro in the summer of 2005, they founded LB Masonry, Inc.
Abigail oversees complete office Project Management, from initial company contact, through project estimation, through accounting and Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

Pride of Profession

Each and every one of our Masons and Mason Tenders are committed to ever-increasing their quality of service, both individually, and as a group. They pride themselves in their own unique professional backgrounds. Our team has years of national and international experience in both commercial and residential masonry.

Customer Service and Communication

LB Masonry, Inc. makes a point of timely and thorough communication with our Construction Management firms and General Contractors. Because we realize the complexity and importance of a job well done, we quite often work with appropriate project leadership personnel months in advance to facilitate and expedite the masonry construction process. On both large and small projects, follow-through is a big part of getting the job done in entirety. We do not neglect the punch out of a job, no matter how small or inconvenient. It’s all part of a job well done from start to finish.

Scheduling & Timeliness

We realize that masonry is by far not the only facet to contribute to a construction project. For that reason we have a pragmatic approach to the feasibility of proposed timelines, as we calculate to provide the right-sized crew for every project in order to fulfill our obligations for start and finish times. Our work ethic is upheld and valued from management all the way down through our crew.


Not all jobsites have the same working conditions. There are wide variances in such things as elevations, working space, and congestion / work-arounds with other trades. With this in mind, LB Masonry, Inc. formulates a customized safety checklist for every jobsite to ensure to the best of our ability the safety of our crew, other working crews on the job, and if applicable, the general public around the work area. We are fully OSHA compliant, and our crew is well versed in OSHA worksite standards including Fall Protection, Scaffold Safety, and general Personal Protection. Our forklift operators are certified, and we hold weekly safety meetings to review previously referenced OSHA training items, and any jobsite-specific or general concerns.